Clean Fuel

ITM Power is positioning itself for the big win: to be a world leading supplier of infrastructure products for the production of green hydrogen transport fuel

Clean Fuel

From individual vehicles to country-wide infrastructure, our refuelling systems scale to your needs.

Clean Fuel capabilities

Read ‘A Portfolio of Power-Trains for Europe: A Fact-Based Analysis’ PDF document.

Clean Fuel Capabilities

Individual Vehicle

Individual Vehicle
Individual refuelling units or “home refuellers” alleviate range anxiety and ensure that fuel can be found at home.

Depot Refuelling

Depot Refuelling
The return to base principle is key to the early adoption of hydrogen fuel, since only one refuelling unit is required for a whole fleet.

Island Systems

Island Systems
Island energy systems are an early adoption market, because island systems have the greatest difficulty in balancing supply and demand.


Rolling out a national infrastructure of refuelling stations needs to be planned so that coverage enables unrestricted travel.

Case Study

A Modular Facility at a University Campus

Download the Case Study PDF

A Modular Facility at a University Campus

This case study describes an electrolysis-based hydrogen generation system for use by universities, the first of which is being deployed at the University of Nottingham.

ITM managed a multi-phase process covering system specification, design, build and commissioning, and now has a blueprint for a universal platform.

System overview
  • Flexible modular platform
  • On-site hydrogen generation by high efficiency PEM electrolyser
  • 350 bar vehicle refuelling capability with 3-5 minute refill time
  • Fully automated operation
  • Data connection & remote monitoring
  • Safe design with technical file & safety documentation
  • Integrated thermal management & hydrogen leak detection

Our Clean Fuel partners

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  • RAC
  • UPS
  • Tarmac
  • London Stansted Airport
  • Enterprise

Clean Fuel projects


New government and cross-industry programme to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality

Island Hydrogen (formally EcoIsland)

A single island energy system to demonstrate how a future energy system of smart technologies could be configured

Hydrogen On-Site Trials (HOST)

On-site trials of our transportable hydrogen refuelling system, supported by 21 commercial partners