Energy Storage

The key limitation of renewable energy is unpredictable power delivery, but using hydrogen to store this energy could be the solution and offers huge opportunities for Power-to-Gas

Energy Storage

ITM’s energy storage expertise can be applied to a range of infrastructure power demands.

Energy Storage capabilities

Read the Boston Consulting Group’s ‘Revisiting Energy Storage’ PDF document on the ABVE website.

Energy Storage Capabilities

Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems
Off-grid systems enable remote powering of applications which cannot be grid connected because of the expense.

Power-to-Gas Energy Storage

Power-to-Gas Energy Storage
Injection of hydrogen produced by electrolysis into the gas grid is a way of storing energy from the electricity grid by exporting it to the gas grid.

Backup Power

Backup Power
A store of hydrogen produced by electrolysis can provide essential backup energy for weak grids and mission critical applications.

Primary Power

Primary Power
A store of hydrogen produced by electrolysis can be accessed at any time to provide primary power via a fuel cell.

Case Study

Hydrogen: Integrating Energy Storage in Off-Grid Telecoms Systems

Download the Case Study PDF

Hydrogen: Integrating Energy Storage in Off-Grid Telecoms Systems

This case study describes a scoping study to design and specify a hydrogen system for use by telecommunication companies for powering remote off-grid transceiver stations.

ITM is able to carry out similar scoping studies for interested operators and build turnkey plant.

Benefits of hydrogen energy storage
  • Absorb seasonal swings in supply
  • Prevent battery deep discharge
  • Store energy long-term
  • Separate power/energy components
  • Reduce wastage of renewable energy
  • Reduce size of wind/solar generators
  • Reduce need for backup generation or emergency callouts

Our Energy Storage partners

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  • Enterprise
  • London Stansted Airport
  • RAC
  • Tarmac
  • UPS

Energy Storage projects

Island Hydrogen (formally EcoIsland)

A single island energy system to demonstrate how a future energy system of smart technologies could be configured