Webinar: Power to Gas: How Electrolysis can Benefit a Changing Energy Grid

22nd June 2017 - 22nd June 2017
Steve Jones refuelling Honda Clarity

Join us this month for a presentation by Stephen Jones, Managing Director, at ITM Power Inc.  The energy industry is seeing a dynamic change. Renewable generation is increasing and with it, by default, is the instability of the electrical grid – this puts energy storage on the critical path. The transfer of energy between gas and electricity sectors is a 1-way street and present – hydrogen can change that.

This presentation will discuss the basics of electrolysis and how using electrolyzers in an intelligent manner can support large-scale energy storage and ‘sector coupling’ between the gas, transport, heat and electricity markets.

Integrating hydrogen, at scale, into our energy system will enable simultaneous sector benefits and these benefits will be explained in detail. Examples from existing projects in Europe will be discussed together with ITMs view of the future of the industry.

A little more about our presenter,  Steve has held positions in R&D, product, systems, and business development roles and as such has an excellent understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of the business. Steve is a board member of the California Hydrogen Business Council and VVice-chair for its Energy storage working group. He holds a BSc and MPhil in Materials Science from Birmingham University, a MBA from Sheffield University and is a chartered manager.

Monthly webinar’s take place at 12 p.m. Pacific time with a 45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Space is limited to the first 95 registrants so register today! PLEASE NOTE: Registrants will receive a link via email to directly access the webinar by 10 am Pacific time on the morning of the event.

Please register here: https://www.nwga.org/events/june-22/

Event Information

Location: USA
Link to event: https://www.nwga.org/events/june-22/

For more information please contact:
Rebecca Markillie
Marketing & Communications
E: rlm@itm-power.com
T: +44 (0)114 244 5111
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