First Product Sale and Field Trial

16th June 2010

ITM Power plc, the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce its first product sale and field trial – to the University of Birmingham (UoB). The HPac®10 unit will supply hydrogen to the fuel cell laboratory, removing its dependency on bottled gas. Excess electrolytic hydrogen not used by the laboratory, will be used by the UoB’s fleet of fuel cell vehicles.

HPac® is a high gas rate hydrogen generator producing a minimum of 10 litres/min of hydrogen. This product is targeted at the built environment for energy storage and backup power.

The HPac® unit will be delivered in Q4 2010 and installed and commissioned by ITM staff. Training will be given to UoB staff on how to operate the unit and a procedure for product support has already been established. Telemetry is being integrated into the unit so that ITM can monitor its performance and schedule testing from its sites in Sheffield.

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell group at UoB will work closely with ITM and provide important feedback on the performance of the unit in a variety of modes and performance profiles.

Commenting for ITM Power, Dr Graham Cooley said: “HPac® is a very important product for ITM and we are delighted to partner with the University of Birmingham to trial the first unit. The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell group at Birmingham is world class and is well known for early adoption of new technology – notably installing the UK’s first Hydrogen refueller in 2008. I can think of no better partner for this important assessment.”

Commenting for the University of Birmingham, Prof Kevin Kendall, said: “We are delighted to be working with ITM to make this assessment of their first HPac® unit. Green hydrogen production coupled with high efficiency fuel cells has a wide range of exciting applications and we are pleased to be working with such a prominent company in this field.”

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