Fuel Cell Membrane Performance Update

6th December 2012
ITM Membrane

Further to the announcements of 4 October 2011 and 19 July 2012, ITM Power (AIM:ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce the latest results communicated to the Carbon Trust yesterday, from its fuel cell membrane development activity. In partnership with the Carbon Trust and major automotive OEM’s, ITM Power has been performing numerous standardized accelerated stress tests on its high power density membrane material designed to exacerbate degradation and benchmark durability.

ITM Power’s hydrocarbon fuel cell membrane is highly conductive and has demonstrated a very high power density exceeding 1.5W/cm2 at 600mV with hydrogen/air, 0.3mg/cm2 of platinum catalyst per electrode and low gas pressures (1.5bara). Following achievement of these targets, ITM Power is undertaking an 18 month programme focusing on membrane durability and scale up to full automotive cell dimensions.

Three months into this programme, ITM Power’s membrane material has outperformed all targets against which it has been measured. A key metric among these is voltage retention in fuel cell open circuit mode. This is a universally recognized accelerated test for which the US Department of Energy (DoE) has established specific targets dictating that the cell voltage must not drop by more than 20% over 200 hours. Using an internationally recognized and commercially available fuel cell, a membrane electrode assembly containing ITM Power’s membrane material has repeatedly shown durability beyond 700 hours (representing many 1000’s of hours of normal operation). This represents over three times the longevity specified in the DoE target, and comparable with the best results measured for incumbent fluorocarbon membrane materials and as such is a significant indication of ITM Power’s fuel cell membrane durability.

In addition to maintaining open circuit voltage, the membrane also measured extremely low hydrogen cross over at circa 1mA/cm2. This is close to an order of magnitude lower than that measured for incumbent fluorocarbon membrane materials.

While there are further tests yet to be conducted, these early results are considered to give a tremendously positive indication of the durability offered by ITM Power’s fuel cell membrane against this aggressive accelerated testing.

Dr Simon Bourne, CTO, ITM Power plc commented: “The fuel cell industry has established a suite of standard tests which form a clear set of criteria for adoption. These results represent another significant step in establishing the ITM membrane as a viable commercial product for the automotive market.”

For further information please visit www.itm-power.com or contact:

ITM Power plc
Graham Cooley, CEO
0114 244 5111

Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP (Nominated Adviser & Broker)
Shaun Dobson / Jenny Wyllie
020 7469 3000

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About ITM Power

ITM Power plc was admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in 2004 and raised its initial funding of £10m gross in its IPO. Further funding rounds of £28.5m in 2006 and £5.4m in 2012 have been completed. The Company has now made the transition from a research and development company to a product manufacturer and technology provider. The Company has both a strong base of intellectual property and engineering expertise for providing complete hydrogen solutions. The Company has been successful in developing strategic industry partnerships in the following projects:

EU Funding for Advanced Refuelling Project

AEG Power Solutions electrolyser integration with power electronics

DECC Funding Award for the Production of Synthetic Methane

EU Funding for PEM Fuel Cell Innovation – IMPACT

Agreement with ABO Wind of Wiesbaden, Germany

Letter of Intent signed with German Utility

Shell and National Grid Join Gas Inject Project

EcoIsland TSB Funding

700bar Dispensing Collaboration in Germany

Marks & Spencer pilot materials handling fuel cell project

UKH2Mobility with leading auto OEM’s, UK gov. and industrial gas companies

EcoIsland with Toshiba, IBM, Cable & Wireless, SSE and Southern Water

Boeing Unmanned Aircraft System Refueller

Electrolyser Distribution with Horizon Fuel Cells

CREO with Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Johnson Matthey

Exclusive European distribution rights for Materials Handling Fuel Cells

Sale of Equipment to EADS

EU Grant Award for PEM Water Electrolysers Coupled to Renewable Power Sources

Rebecca Markillie
Marketing & Communications
E: rlm@itm-power.com
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