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1st February 2011

High Power Density Fuel Cells Test Update

ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce an early technical result from the initial phase of the high power density fuel cell membrane testing, an ambitious technology development project supported with £108,000 of research funding from the Carbon Trust.

ITM Power has demonstrated exceptionally high power densities by developing its proprietary hydrocarbon membrane materials for hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells. A step change from the current state of the art has been achieved, with what is believed to be the highest power density ever recorded for a PEM fuel cell (5.5W/cm2 and 10A/cm2) using pure oxygen. ITM Power has now successfully demonstrated the performance of the membrane in a hydrogen/air fuel cell developing over 2.1W/cm2 and 4A/cm2, more than doubling the power density performance presently available on the market.

While the Company’s initial investigations focused on hydrogen and oxygen fed fuel cells, a commercial fuel cell system for deployment in a vehicle requires air to be used as the oxidant. This early result with air exceeds the ambitious target of 1.5W/cm2 which was defined as part of the Carbon Trust project and is further evidence of the potential for ITM Power’s materials to offer a step change in performance.

The project continues to progress well. ITM Power will disclose further information to the market upon project completion. The summary of the power density performance achieved by ITM’s patented membrane technology has been updated today on the Company’s website.

Commenting for ITM Power, CEO Graham Cooley said: “I am very pleased with the rate of technical progress. Exceeding our power density target for the fuel cell during the initial phase of the Carbon Trust project shows the huge potential of our materials and enthusiasm with which we are attaching this development. I look forward to reporting further progress on completion of the project.”

Pierre Gaudillat, Research and Development Manager, Carbon Trust added: “We are delighted with how the fuel cell project with ITM is progressing. It is clear that ITM’s technology has a great deal to offer and we continue to facilitate introductions to potential commercial end users interested in these exciting developments.”

For further information please visit www.itm-power.com or contact:

ITM Power plc,
Graham Cooley, CEO,
0114 244 5111

Panmure Gordon & Co,
Katherine Roe,
020 7459 3600

Tavistock Communications,
Simon Hudson / Andrew Dunn,
020 7920 3150

Rebecca Markillie
Marketing & Communications
E: rlm@itm-power.com
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