HOST vans achieve Euro VI Emissions

13th October 2010

ITM Power and Revolve Collaborate to achieve Euro VI Emissions Standards

ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that the HICE (Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine) vans developed in collaboration with Revolve Technologies have recently achieved Euro VI spark ignition emissions levels.

Tested at Millbrook Proving Ground, the vehicle produced just 0.07g/km NOx over the NEDC drive cycle; better than the proposed 2014 Euro VI emissions standards. The vehicle does not utilise any emissions control device, and achieves this low level by close calibration of fueling and spark timing. No factor allowing for the deterioration of these devices has been applied to the result.

The two HICE Ford transit vehicles will now undergo some minor drivability changes in order to improve the power, and therefore load handling capability of the vans for light commercial use. The vehicles will then support ITM Power’s HFuel® product on a number of field trials in early 2011 as part of ITM Power’s recently announced HOST programme.

ITM Power CEO, Graham Cooley commented: “The HOST trials will not only demonstrate ITM Power’s hydrogen production technologies, they will also demonstrate the safe handling and conditioning of hydrogen, and how it may be applied to daily transport. Having a vehicle platform capable of meeting the very high expectations of today’s fleet operators is essential in order to demonstrate that hydrogen is viable here and now”

Revolve Technologies MD, John Mitchell commented: “It has been very exciting working with ITM on the HOST project as it has allowed further developments of the HICE Transit vans, helping us to develop the NOx control strategies to achieve the low NOx results we have known the technology is capable of, whilst improving performance and fuel economy. With this programme we have only completed a limited emissions study and with further work it should be possible to reduce the NOx levels even further to a stage where they would be difficult to measure with today’s emissions equipment giving us a vehicle with zero emissions.”

About HOST

HOST will begin in 2011, and comprises the operation and refueling of two Revolve Technologies hydrogen Ford Transit vehicles, with hydrogen produced on site at the point of use, at sites operated by participating companies and in the Gateway to London development area. Local authorities Sheffield City Council and the London Borough of Camden and companies including DHL Supply Chain, London Stansted Airport, The Forestry Commission, Scottish Water, SSE (Scottish & Southern Energy) and Vestas Wind Systems AS are participating in the programme.

HOST provides each partner with a one week free trial of HFuel and the Revolve HICE transit vehicles, and an option to lease both HFuel and vehicles for additional week(s). The demonstrations are 100% managed and operated by ITM personnel in liaison with site owners’ operations and management.

As part of the HOST programme ITM Power is actively seeking both technical partners interested in storing renewable energy, and commercial partners seeking to trial zero carbon fleets.

For further information please visit or contact:

ITM Power plc
0114 244 5111
Graham Cooley, CEO

Tavistock Communications
020 7920 3150
Simon Hudson / Andrew Dunn

Rebecca Markillie
Marketing & Communications
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