Hydrogen is the future of fuel at Ecoislands Global Summit 2012

19th October 2012
Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicle at EcoIslands Global Summit 2012

As the Minister of State for Energy, John Hayes, arrived on the Isle of Wight this morning he was collected from the ferry by a vehicle powered by hydrogen before being driven by Channel 5’s transport guru, Quentin Willson, to the Ecoislands Global Summit 2012.

The vehicle in question is the first hydrogen vehicle in production but the zero emissions, long range transport solution it provides may soon be in wide spread use across the island.

The Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicle is powered by hydrogen produced by energy storage experts, ITM Power. The hydrogen fuel itself is being produced on site at the summit by ITM’s HFuel, a self-contained module suitable for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles.

It’s a solution that Quentin Willson, a passionate advocate of hydrogen transport, sees as critical to the success of a low or zero carbon transport future: “Hydrogen is the future of road transport. It’s going to be half the price of petrol or diesel, it’s going to be completely carbon free and it’s easy to make. This is here and now, it’s close enough to touch. With a little more political will the manufacturers will all come together and you’ll see these cars on the road.”

Hydrogen fuel also has the support of the Minister’s office, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which recently awarded a Technology Strategy Board’s grant to a project led by ITM Power that will see the integration of an electrolyser based refueller with the island’s renewable energy.

The project will design, build, install and operate two grid-connected hydrogen refuelling platforms on the Isle of Wight. A 15kg/day refueller will be used in a marine capacity located on the south coast of the Island, and a larger 100kg/day unit will be installed on a centrally located business park for the operation of a fleet of hydrogen vehicles.

“Hydrogen will be fundamental to our future energy mix, providing a balancing mechanism that will allow for increased renewable generation”, explained ITM Power CEO Graham Cooley. “As a transport fuel it provides a viable zero emissions, zero footprint solution; just like conventional fuels it takes 3 minutes to fill your car with enough hydrogen fuel to take you 400 miles”.

Low carbon transport and energy storage are key components in the Ecoisland’s project that will see the Isle of Wight become renewable energy self-sufficient by 2020 and sustainable by 2030.

As government ministers, islands and regional delegates, sustainability experts and technology partners come together at the summit today to learn how the Ecoisland’s model can be replicated in communities around the world, Cooley sees strong potential for national roll out following the demonstration on the island.

“Island systems face significant challenges in terms of energy balancing and high fuel prices. The hydrogen test-bed that we are developing with Ecoislands will allow us to understanding how to roll out these solutions across the country”.


Notes to Editors


Ecoislands is a global leader for sustainable communities, which will enable every region around the world to achieve the ambitious target of living within their means. Drawing from their flagship project that will see the Isle of Wight become renewable energy self-sufficient by the end of the decade, Ecoislands is developing a replicable ‘greenprint’ that will guide future ecoislands on their journey toward sustainability. By bringing together major technology partners, providing access to funding and disseminating learning from their flagship project, Ecoislands is able to offer the necessary resources to turn vision into reality.

Ecoislands Global Summit

The inaugural Ecoislands Global Summit will unite island and regional communities from around the world on a journey to achieving sustainability by 2030. It is the chance for island communities to take control of their own futures by making the ambitious commitment to living with their means. The summit will invite islands to publicly commit to becoming renewable energy self-sufficient by 2020 and sustainable by 2030 by signing the Ecoislands Accord. The Ecoislands Global Summit 2012 is sponsored by IBM and supported by Cable&Wireless Worldwide.

ITM Power

ITM Power designs and manufactures hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production. ITM Power is an AIM-listed company incorporated, registered and operating in England with a staff of 55. They have a first class team of engineers and scientists, based at two facilities in Sheffield, UK.

Rebecca Markillie
Marketing & Communications
E: rlm@itm-power.com
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