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Thüga nimmt ITM-Elektrolyseur in Betrieb

Thüga nimmt ITM-Elektrolyseur in Betrieb
7 July 2014
HZwei (German Publication)

Hydrogen-Based Energy Conversion
27 March 2014
SBC Energy Institute

Hydrogen Rapid Response Electrolyser
9 December 2013
The Technology Partnership Journal

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Germans Heat Homes Using Hydrogen for First Time
5 December 2013
Energy Live News

Image of Hindenburg Haunts Hydrogen Technology
30 October 2013
NY Times

10 minutes with…
9 September 2013

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ITM Power: accelerating power-to-gas
1 April 2013

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Clean Fuel to Balance the Grid
3 January 2013
Petroleum Review

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Your questions answered: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
7 December 2012
The Engineer

Fuel Role Boots Air Capture
9 November 2012
Professional Engineering

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Hydrogen Could be the Answer to Renewables Intermittency
29 October 2012
Bloomberg Brief

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UK Innovation in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
24 October 2012
Cleantech Magazine

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Can the Isle of Wight start a power revolution?
22 October 2012
The Guardian

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The fuel of tomorrow that’s already here today
14 September 2012
The Scotsman

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Hydrogen from renewables eyed as gas mix component
4 September 2012
Professional Engineering

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ITM’s membrane technology unlocks the power of hydrogen
1 July 2012
Fuel Cells Bulletin

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How to Make Green Hydrogen
6 June 2012

Hydrogen cars are like driving the future
28 May 2012
Holyrood Magazine

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Aberdeen car club has world first with hydrogen cars
14 May 2012
Aberdeen City Council

Electricity Storage
1 May 2012
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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Marks and Spencer’s Fuel Cell Forklift Trial a Success
23 March 2012
Fuel Cell Today

The Launch of UKH2Mobility
18 January 2012
Fuel Cell Today

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Blass vor Neid
10 January 2012
HZwei (German Publication)

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Breaking into the British mainstream
3 January 2012
International Sustainable Energy Review

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The future of fuel: The future of hydrogen
1 January 2012
Fuel Cells Bulletin

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ITM Power set to offer energy storage for EcoIsland project
10 November 2011
The Engineer

Van’s green credentials leave just a drop of water
15 October 2011
Isle of Wight County Press Online

High-tech firms will save Sheffield’s economy, says Nick Clegg
30 August 2011
The Sheffield Telegraph

MP champions green transport by Carillion
1 August 2011
Carillion Energy Services

Natural Disasters: Risk or Opportunity?
1 July 2011

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Hydrogen is a real gas
5 June 2011
The Mirror

Amey goes green with trials of hydrogen vehicles
3 June 2011

The Power of One
1 June 2011
First for Business

Taming the wind and the sun (Ingenious Britain)
29 May 2011
The Sunday TImes

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Refuelling with hydrogen
1 May 2011
Energy World

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Interest in clean power method beginning to turn into orders
13 April 2011
The Yorkshire Post

Pioneering hydrogen fuel trial ready for Stansted take-off
6 January 2011
Stansted Airport

Energy storage and clean fuel
1 January 2011
UKPOWER and process engineering

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How energy storage can save green power
1 January 2011
Crossbow Magazine

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We can clean up with hydrogen
26 December 2010
The Sunday TImes

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We have the chance to lead world with a new clean fuel
2 December 2010
The Yorkshire Post

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Mercedes gas car is a green dream
21 November 2010
The Mirror

Rescuing Renewables – How Energy Storage Can Save Green Power
2 November 2010
The Bow Group

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ITM Power Open Day: Hydrogen takes to the road
1 October 2010
Cleantech Magazine

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SSE to trial hydrogen-powered vans
1 October 2010
Business Green

Ford leads engine emissions reduction project
21 September 2010
The Engineer

Hydrogen and renewables: a match made in heaven?
20 September 2010
Industrial Fuels & Power

Hydrogen Honda arrives in the UK
14 September 2010
BBC News

Blunkett celebrates cutting-edge clean technology in visit to ITM Power
1 September 2010
David Blunkett MP

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Let there be light: Just harness hydrogen to make sure Britain keeps the blackouts at bay
29 August 2010
The Independent

Hydrogen – the green fuel that dare not speak its name
23 July 2010
London Evening Standard

Renewable Energy Leader’s Forum: Graham Cooley, ITM Power
23 July 2010
Energy Boom

Tony Lodge: Set out your priorities, Mr Huhne, and give Britain the energy policy it needs
19 July 2010
The Yorkshire Post

Green fuel firm says Britain risks losing out on hydrogen economy
5 July 2010
The Yorkshire Post

This could be way to blow away all those critics of wind power
26 June 2010
The Scotsman

Smart Cities (Raconteur)
1 June 2010
The Times

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Tony Lodge: Found at last, a clean and renewable fuel that could help to solve power crisis
25 May 2010
The Yorkshire Post

Hydrogen Revolution Gets A Second Wind
10 January 2010
The Sunday TImes

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Hydrogen cars: Don’t worry – there’ll be no fireworks
10 January 2010
The Sunday TImes

Cold snap sends shivers through energy policy
7 January 2010
The Yorkshire Post

Hydrogen in Transport
1 December 2009
Cleantech Magazine

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New agreement puts green cars on the road to success
22 October 2009
The Yorkshire Post

ITM Power and Revolve ready for hydrogen future
22 October 2009
The Sheffield Telegraph

Environment Award for Innovation
22 October 2009
The Sheffield Telegraph

Use wind to power up hydrogen economy, urges expert
30 September 2009
Wales Online

We’ve got the power to build
9 July 2009
The Sheffield Star