HFuel is a self-contained module suitable for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles and forklift trucks.
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HFuel - Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

HFuel is well suited to small fleet and early ‘hydrogen highway’ applications of both fuel cell and hydrogen engine vehicles (FCV and HICEV). It is based around a modular platform (standard freight containers) and can be expanded at any point after the initial installation enabling a staged roll-out of hydrogen fuel.

HFuel generates hydrogen by electrolysis, compresses it, stores it and dispenses the gas on demand at high pressure (nominally 350 bar/35MPa). It requires an on-site water and an electricity supply but is otherwise an autonomous solution for refuelling hydrogen-powered vehicles.

As HFuel is based on an electrolyser, it is uniquely able to produce zero-carbon hydrogen if linked to a renewable power source or a supply of ‘green’ electricity. The fuel delivered to the vehicle is then carbon-free and no atmospheric carbon emissions result from its use.

Unlike battery recharging stations HFuel enables the user to quickly recharge a vehicle to 100% capacity. This enables hydrogen to be used to decarbonise return-to-depot and shift work vehicles that have a higher daily mileage requirement.


Supporting the introduction of Fuel Cell Vehicles by deploying hydrogen refuelling stations.

Range of outputs
Range of outputs
The HFuel systems are available with hydrogen outputs ranging from 25kg/day to 500+kg/day and include equipment to refuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
Fully integrated
Fully integrated
HFuel products are fully integrated containerised systems and just require a 3-phase electrical connection and a potable water supply.
High purification
High purification
Hydrogen gas is purified to the level required for fuel cell vehicles (ISO 14687-2:2012) and SAE J2601 compliant equipment dispenses at 350 or 700 bar.

Product specifications

Metric HFuel60 HFuel180 HFuel360 HFuel1000
Nominal Hydrogen
Production (kg/24hrs)
25 80 165 462
Hydrogen Pressure (bar) 700 (350 bar option also available)
Vehicle Refills (per 24hrs) 5 refills 16 refills 33 refills 92 refills

Rolling out hydrogen refuelling stations

ITM contributes its experience and expertise in on-site production of hydrogen by water electrolysis. This includes the technical, practical and operational considerations for deploying hydrogen refuelling stations, so that fuel cell electric vehicles can run on a low-cost, zero-carbon, and high-purity hydrogen fuel.