HGas brings together rapid response and self-pressurising PEM electrolysis into a fully integrated package.
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HGas brings together rapid response and self-pressurising PEM electrolysis into a fully integrated package, capable of addressing MW scale applications. HGas accommodates fluctuating power profiles while generating hydrogen at pressures suitable for either direct injection into natural gas networks or via methanation processes without additional compression.

Rapid response electrolysis offers an effective route to assimilate renewable power and convert it to hydrogen which can be stored for long periods for subsequent use as a fuel for heat, mobility or power generation.

HGas is designed specifically for Power-to-Gas applications and is capable of responding in 1 second and self-pressurising up to 80 bar. The modular philosophy allows multi MW units of electrolysis to be accommodated within standard ISO containers.


Using surplus wind power for electrolysis to produce hydrogen and balance the electricity grid.

Range of pressures
Range of pressures
HGas electrolyser systems range from 60kW to Multi MW and can produce hydrogen at pressures up to 20bar or 80bar depending on options chosen.
Fully integrated
Fully integrated
HGas products are fully integrated containerised systems and just require a 3-phase electrical connection and a potable water supply.
Multiple applications
Multiple applications
Hydrogen gas is supplied at a high purity suitable for various applications including vehicle refuelling, power-to-gas energy storage and chemical processes.

Product specifications

Metric HGas60 HGas180 HGas360 HGas1000
Nominal Hydrogen
Production (
25 80 165 462
Hydrogen Pressure
20 – 80
Power Requirement
70 190 360 1030


ITM Power have proven experience of working with some of the worlds leading organisations to research, design, build, integrate and operate systems to offer an Energy Storage solution in the form of Power-to-Gas.