Hydrogen On-Site Trials (HOST)

On-site trials of our transportable hydrogen refuelling system, supported by 21 commercial partners

HOST – Enterprise HOST trial

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  • VolkerHighways
  • Scottish Water
  • Enterprise
  • DHL Supply Chain
  • Commercial Group

HFuel is well suited to small fleet and early “hydrogen highway” applications of both fuel cell and hydrogen engine vehicles (FCV and HICEV). It is based around a modular platform (standard freight containers) and can be expanded at any point after the initial installation enabling a staged rollout of hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) of ITM Power’s transportable high pressure refuelling unit (HFuel) which was built with support from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) was launched at Stansted Airport in March 2011.

Membership of HOST provides each partner with a one week free trial of HFuel and the two Revolve HICE transit vehicles. The demonstrations are 100% managed and operated by ITM personnel in liaison with site owners’ operations and management.

21 commercial partners joined the HOST trials from seven different industrial sectors.

Map of Completed Trials

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HOST Launch at Stansted Airport

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