New government and cross-industry programme to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality

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  • Nissan (UK) Ltd
  • Department for Business Innovation & Skills
  • Morrisons
  • Intelligent Energy Ltd
  • Toyota Motor Corporation

Synopsis of Phase1 published by UKH2Mobility on 4th February 2013 also includes the mix of production methods able to provide cost-competitive hydrogen to the consumer while delivering very significant CO² emissions reductions. This is of particular significance for ITM Power’s electrolyser products, and notes:

  • The hydrogen production mix in the roadmap for 2030 is 51% water electrolysis, 47% steam methane reforming (SMR) and 2% existing capacities.
  • The water electrolysis, using renewable electricity, includes both on-site production at the HRS and centralised production with distribution to the HRS.
  • In 2030, the roadmap shows that the national demand for hydrogen for FCEVs will be 254,000 tonnes p.a.
  • Water electrolysis capacity offers significant benefits to the electricity sector in assisting the integration of renewable generating capacity and in providing grid-balancing services. These benefits will increase as the proportion of renewable energy in the generating mix increases.
  • The project quantified these benefits and determined that this would have the effect of reducing the cost of hydrogen produced by electrolysis by 20%.

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