ITM Power is currently engaged in several projects aimed at deployment of our technology and products in existing and emerging markets.


Some of our projects


UKH2Mobility project

New government and cross-industry programme to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality

Island Hydrogen (formally EcoIsland)

Island Hydrogen

A single island energy system to demonstrate how a future energy system of smart technologies could be configured



Technical, financial and operational feasibility of injecting hydrogen gas, generated from electrolysis fed from excess renewables, into the UK gas networks.

Hydrogen On-Site Trials (HOST)

On-site trials of our transportable hydrogen refuelling system, supported by 21 commercial partners

HFuel Here

ITM and Honda at Hannover

Offering event organisers an on-site hydrogen generation and refuelling facility for promoting fuel cell vehicles


CREO project

Redesigning the engine and after-treatment as a complete system, meeting business requirements and minimising CO2


SafeFlame project

The SafeFlame EU project addresses key safety issues in the huge global market of brazing

Materials Handling Vehicles

Materials Handling Vehicles project

ITM completed a trial with Marks & Spencer plc where HFuel was used to generate and supply hydrogen to fuel cell powered materials handling vehicles