Electrolyser Stacks

An electrolyser is a device which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrical energy.

Electrolyser Stacks

When the electrical input comes from a renewable source, the hydrogen has no carbon footprint. This is the only practical way to generate a zero carbon fuel. ITM is developing a range of self contained electrolyser systems which produce hydrogen at convenient pressure. Hydrogen production rates fall into three ranges:

  • Small: In the region of 1 litre of H2 per minute (approximately 1kg H2 per week). This is appropriate for laboratory scale analytical applications, the education market and fuel cell developers and for trickle charging hydrogen stores
  • Medium: Approximately 1kg H2 per day. Units in this range may be used on their own or in tandem for home, transport and small industrial applications
  • Large: As required for transport refueling, Power to Gas and other industrial decarbonisation applications
Electrolyser Stacks

ITM electrolysers deliver hydrogen from 15 bar which is consistent with existing propane storage technology, metal hydride storage systems and hydrogen compressors to 80 bar, which offers a route for bypassing the need for external compression and reduces the complexity of downstream high pressure plant.

ITM’s electrolysers are modular, which provides flexibility and allows for easy expansion.