Hydrogen Storage and Dispensing

Hydrogen storage is a core requirement for refuelling vehicles and for compact energy storage.

Hydroge Storage Dispensing

ITM has developed systems design and integration expertise covering the compression, storage and dispensing of high pressure gaseous hydrogen up to 350 bar.

Key components in the design of hydrogen storage are capital cost, footprint and energy balance required for compression. ITM has expertise in these fields and has built and demonstrated high pressure storage systems at its development site in Sheffield.

ITM is also very active in the certification, codes/standards and legislation concerning hydrogen storage; installation of systems within domestic and industrial settings will be key to any future hydrogen economy and ITM is positioning itself to be able to understand and influence future legislation.

Inside an HFuel container

Hydrogen Storage Materials

The ideal hydrogen storage material must have high volumetric and gravimetric hydrogen capacity. The thermodynamic properties must allow for hydrogen sorption at moderate temperatures and relatively rapid kinetics to swing the hydrogen in and out easily.

To date, no solid state material has been identified that meets all these criteria, but the search continues.