Health and safety management systems underpin ITM Power’s business. ITM Power operates management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 2015 and OHSAS 18001 2007.

Management of health and safety is led by the ITM Power plc Board. The Board monitors health and safety performance through the Board Health and Safety Committee. This provides a performance update, together with proactive measures being undertaken as part of increasing ITM Power’s health and safety culture. Separately there is a monthly Health and Safety Committee including representatives from each function in ITM Power. This helps ensure reporting of concerns, which in turn assists the “lessons learnt” process, and is a key indicator of improved safety culture.

ITM Power promotes safety through leadership within all of its the business activities. This provides the structure through which the vision and commitment to safety is set, the means of attaining safety objectives are agreed, the framework for monitoring performance is established and compliance with the legislation is ensured, combined with a promoted health and wellbeing culture. ITM Power employs experienced, qualified safety professionals.

Through ITM Power’s health and safety systems, ITM Power’s equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest level of safety. ITM Power complies safety codes and standards set for industry in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

ITM Power’s systems include undertaking Hazard and Operability Analysis studies (HAZOP), Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA). Risks are assessed on sites based on legislation, equipment, operations and risks in detail. ITM Power works with its suppliers to ensure safety in the components used in manufacturing equipment.

Health and Safety at Hydrogen Refuelling Stations
ITM Power operates maintain its hydrogen refuelling stations through fully trained and qualified personnel. Each ITM Power Hydrogen Station has undergone significant planning and testing before being opened for use, and this high level of operational visibility remains paramount at all times. All ITM Power stations are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by fully trained staff in its global control centre.

All stations have emergency plans, specific to the station layout and design.

Regulations, Codes & Standards
ITM Power have a leading role in Hydrogen Compliance:

Chair of BSI PVE/3/8
Lead UK expert to ISO Technical Committee 197
Secretary for ISO TC 197 working group for H2 stations
UK expert to ISO TC 197 working groups for electrolysers, dispensers and H2 quality
Lead UK expert to CEN/CENELC Technical Committee 6
UK expert to CEN/CENELC TC 6 working groups
Secretary of BCGA Technical Sub-Committee 9
Blue Book H2 Addendum with EI, APEA and BCGA
IGEM H2 working group
FCH2 JU RCS Strategic Co-ordination Group Chair