August 2017
  • Final Results for the Year to 30 April 2017

    25th August 2017
    ITM Power announces preliminary results for the year ended 30 April 2017. The Group currently has £17.8m under contract and a further £17.6m in the final stages of negotiation, constituting a total pipeline of £35.5m having recognised £6.3m of income in H2 2017.
  • Launch of UK Government Hydrogen for Transport Programme

    21st August 2017
    ITM Power is pleased to note the launch of the UK Government’s “The Hydrogen for Transport Programme”. In March 2017, the Government announced additional funding to support the development of hydrogen for transport until 2020. The Hydrogen for Transport Programme (HTP) will provide up to £23m to increase the uptake of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and grow the UK hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. The funding competition for the programme has now been launched with an application deadline of 9am on Monday 16 October.
  • 20 Tonne/day Hydrogen Refuelling Station designs to be launched in Las Vegas

    7th August 2017
    ITM Power announce that it will be launching a series of large scale refuelling station designs at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America, part of the SolarPower International Conference in Las Vegas. Also a significant increase in its order pipeline of £4.87m, which has been added over the last two weeks.