Our largest containerised PEM electrolyser system.

Product Specification

The HGas3SP Plug&Play product includes three ITM Power high-efficient PEM electrolyser stacks alongside all the necessary sub-systems required to produce high-purity, self-pressurised hydrogen gas. The HGas3SP is rated at ~2MW start of life (including all sub-systems) and is able to produce ~36kg of hydrogen per hour. The fully integrated turn-key system is packaged in two separate ISO containers. The Electrolyser container includes the electrolyser stacks, process equipment (including water clean-up), hydrogen purification and a PLC control system. The Power Supply container includes power distribution within the equipment and rectifiers for the electrolyser stacks.

The customer is required to supply a medium voltage AC electrical connection and a water supply which is of drinking quality. The ITM Power Plug&Play unit will take care of the rest. The end result is high-purity hydrogen gas which is ready to be fed into the end-customers downstream process.  The hydrogen is suitable for use in refuelling stations, gas-grid injection and any other industrial process which requires hydrogen

HGas3SP is suitable for the following markets:

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Bus

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Truck




Decarbonising Heat

Grid Balancing

Hydrogen Islands

Power-to-Gas Energy Storage

Hydrogen Tube Trailer Filling

Hydrogen Lighting

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