Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Cars

Decarbonising the production of hydrogen, enabling a green transport fuel for passenger vehicles

ITM Power supplies on-site hydrogen generation systems, which use electricity and water to make green hydrogen for refuelling Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). When hydrogen is generated on-site via water electrolysis, it is a very clean fuel to use in your car.

The refuelling process is very simple and similar to refuelling a car with petrol or diesel today,taking around 3 minutes to refill the tank. A typical FCEV only requires 40% of the energy to travel the same distance as a modern petrol car, so its fuel consumption is much less.

Also the required battery capacity is only a few percent of that of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), so the FCEVs makes much better use of the Earth’s finite material resources.

Refuelling with Hydrogen

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