Refinery Hydrogen

ITM Power can provide a clean, on-site hydrogen supply which will decarbonise the refining process and reduce emissions

Refinery’s use vast quantities of hydrogen in the de-sulfurization of crude oil to make petrol and diesel and other chemicals.

Hydrogen production is central to the operation of a refinery and recently demand has been increasing. Currently it is made at the refinery via steam methane reformation (SMR) using natural gas for the feedstock, but this results in a high CO2 output per tonne of hydrogen.

Refineries are under increasing pressure to meet environmental legislation and reduce the emissions of their processes and so it is desirable to produce hydrogen in a cleaner way. The production of green hydrogen by locating large scale electrolysers at refineries serves to decarbonise the use of hydrogen.

The REFHYNE project in Germany is currently introducing this approach and its wider replication is likely across the 2020s.


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