California Hydrogen Stations

ITM Power can now demonstrate compliance in both US and European markets.

ITM Power will deliver its high pressure electrolyser to Chino, where it will be used in conjunction with a 350 and 700 bar publicly accessible 100% renewable hydrogen refueller, sited at Hyundai’s Technical Centre in California. This is a particularly important project for the Company as it is the first 80 bar self-pressurising electrolyser system to be put into commercial service.

The project, which was funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of the Californian Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative, has required ITM Power to go through a different compliance route from that required for deployment in Europe, enabling the Company to demonstrate compliance in both US and European markets.

The Company has now started its second refuelling project in California, this time as the lead organisation to supply a 100kg per day station. The station will be sited at the City of Riverside’s fleet site and is due to be operational by October 2015. This refuelling station will be open to the public as well as selected industrial partners operating heavy duty fuel cell powered vehicles. The station is located in one of the prime areas highlighted by the CEC; at the City of Riverside’s Alternative Fuelling Facility close to the 91 Freeway. The refuelling unit will replace a smaller, outdated station and will be capable of generating 100kg/day of hydrogen with the ability to dispense at both 350 and 700 bar.

Riverside H2 Station

ITM Power station at Riverside, California

100kg/day hydrogen station leaving ITM for Riverside, California

100kg/day hydrogen station leaving ITM Power, Sheffield for Riverside, California

Self-pressurising 80 bar PEM stack

ITM Power, self- pressurising PEM Hydrogen stacks, capable of 25kg/day 80b pressure

Hydrogen Refuelling Station bound for Hyundai, California being built at ITM Power

Project partners
Hyundai, Powertech, Riverside
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