National Mobility Schemes

FCEVs have the potential to deliver wide and lasting environmental and economic benefits. With a refuelling infrastructure in place, hydrogen is becoming a viable fuel for transport worldwide.

Many countries have now signed up to support the development of National hydrogen plans for hydrogen as a transport fuel. These programmes are supporting the availability of fuel cell electric vehicles to the public, whilst at the same time ensuring that there is a hydrogen infrastructure in place to refuel.

ITM Power are founder members of National Hydrogen Mobility initiatives in the UK, USA, France and Switzerland.  Similar Hydrogen Mobility schemes are progressing in Japan, Germany, S. Korea, Holland and Belgium.

The UK H2Mobility have indicated in their roadmap that there will be a mix of production methods able to provide cost-competitive hydrogen to the consumer while delivering very significant CO2 emissions reductions. This has particular significance for ITM Power’s electrolyser products as the roadmap covers:

  • The hydrogen production mix in the roadmap for 2030 is 51% water electrolysis, 47% steam methane reforming (SMR) and 2% existing capacities
  • The water electrolysis, using renewable electricity, includes both on-site production at the HRS and centralised production with distribution to the HRS
  • In 2030, the roadmap shows that the national demand for hydrogen for FCEVs will be 254,000 tonnes p.a.
  • Water electrolysis capacity offers significant benefits to the electricity sector in assisting the integration of renewable generating capacity and in providing grid-balancing services. These benefits will increase as the proportion of renewable energy in the generating mix increases
  • The project quantified these benefits and determined that this would have the effect of reducing the cost of hydrogen produced by electrolysis by 20%
Countries involved in mobility schemes

Launch dates – National mobility initiatives

ITM Power refuelling the fuel cell Honda Clarity Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells with green hydrogen, produced onsite by ITM Power's HFuel hydrogen Station

Refuelling the fuel cell Honda Clarity

Onsite Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell bus refuelling demos

Onsite hydrogen production and fuel cell bus refuelling demos

HFuel and HICE van refuelling

HFuel and HICE van refuelling

Project partners
Air Liquide, BOC, Daimler, Hyundai, Intelligent Energy, ITM Power, Johnson Matthey, Morrisons, Nissan, Sainsbury’s, SSE, Toyota, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Department for Transport, Transport Scotland, Welsh Government, Greater London Authority and New Energy World